Shooting in the slums

Valéria Barbosa
Posted June 29, 2016 from Brazil

It is my God, I have so much faith, so much willing to fight and heart tied on the issues that inflame the slums.

You can not understand, you can not ignore, bullets cutting paths, children trapped in their homes, schools closed and ... More bursts.

I recognize the faces screaming terrified, listen them kilometer, I know how much work at his place, so that the people there have more rights. I do not understand why such contempt of the authorities. In half a century I just lived climate of violence.

In the slums live real people. Not scene bang bang movie your day to day is an agony of routine, people who live in their veins run blood and that just a bullet in the air for life to be taken pro anything, pro kill.

There is a lack of the country's authorities. Even there the following examples, look in the slums that rains in Brasilia.

For years within the favelas coexistence between the authority and the people were marred by police failed. As much as one wanted to do their best, others were muddying their uniforms with charged arrego, freedom misplaced and distorted education affecting people who all watched helplessly. Today we see the devaluation that was implemented leading to death so many police.

Who to trust?

Which power?

And so generations were hit by disbelief, fear.

IT IS! It is not easy to live in a slum. It is easy to see the industrialization of the crime. Overcrowding was implemented, I believe that no strategy was implemented in ignorance of power.

Children grow, continue to grow, no schools, no free streets to play, without the right to life. Children grow up exposed to all that is most vile entering the borders of their lives.

It hurt to see so many capable people asking the least, peace, peace. And if not you, dear friends, I think that would have discredited that there are ways to change this chaos.

The force that emerges from a warrior comes from your country, your true love for her. So lock up just for now the children lie down on the ground. Protect their heads and Cherish their hearts. In this war they need refuge of love in their ghettos.

May God protect the favela and the asphalt. Yes! The danger has spread everywhere. But their strength is just and protective.

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