Movember 2014 - You Can Make a Change!

Posted November 4, 2014 from Australia

In its very beginning, Movember was a relatively small movement started as a health support group in Adelaide. Back in 2004, it was a one of a kind community reflecting the issues of the common man - his psychical and mental state, his self-esteem and life management skills. Along with many other causes, the 40-man movement fought for justice and equal rights. The movement quickly managed to kick off a massive approach towards the continents in the Northern Hemisphere, because of its controversial, yet engaging marketing strategies. Just few years after its outset, it reached a large number of countries across the ocean, managing to raise more than $70 million in donations. Still, ...

What Stands Behind the Success of the Mo' Bros?

The main key to their amazing achievements is hidden in their ability to build a community. Bringing people together in the name of one cause can be a powerful tool. And what they did that most haven't accomplished is passing through racial and gender conflicts to create an equally strong society which cares about its members. Movember isn't just a "bro hub", but a community of diverse people joint by the idea of bringing something better to the world. Despite the otherwise negative aspects of the causes which tie those people together, the Movember association is built by positive minds which are creatively unfolding the opportunities which the open social network gives them.

Everyone Can Join!

Through the years, Movember developed into rather friendly, locally-based competitions challenging both youth and elders. While growing a well-groomed mustache is one way to bring the cause to people's attention, many young members and women adopt a more creative approach towards popularizing the cause. Even companies, such as Paul's Cleaning Sydney, have figured out a way to send their message via engaging visual content, such as these posters.

Why Joining Movember 2014?

Movember is all about bringing hope and caring about the ones you love and every little bit of help, adds up to the whole project development. And even tho you might not completely recognize yourself in this movement's cause, there will always be a father, son, parent or friend you will identify in the issues this cause enfolds. If you believe in a better feature and are willing to devote yourself on a greater cause, try making a change this November. It is never too late to make the first step, all it takes is desire to help and change others's life for good.

Useful Movember Links

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Movember Instagram:

Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia:

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  • Yvette Warren
    Nov 06, 2014
    Nov 06, 2014

    Hello, Veradriane. Thank you for informing us about the Movember effort. World Pulse, though mostly women without the ability to grow mustaches, is certainly a good way to get the word out about your effort. Many of us have husbands, sons and fathers.

    Continue being a blessing.

  • veradriane
    Nov 06, 2014
    Nov 06, 2014

    I sincerely thank you for the kind words. I myself recognize loved ones in the cause Movember stands behind and try spreading out the word as much as I can. True, we can't grow mustaches, but we, women, have one of the most important roles in the whole process of raising awareness about these issues. Backing up our closest ones and predisposing them to freely talk about what concerns them is sometimes a deed only a true mother or wife could do. And when you open your heart to people, you come to realise that in some cases, a talk is just what a person needs to grow stronger and fight.

    I am mostly grateful for your wonderful comment. You are a true blessing yourself for taking the time to write and encourage me.

    Take care.


  • Yvette Warren
    Nov 06, 2014
    Nov 06, 2014

    Smiles to you, wherever you are. I am in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.