"In passing, also, I would like to say that the first time Adam had a chance he laid the blame on a woman."

—Nancy Astor (British Politician) And if you want to value a nation ,look to their appreciation for women ,and in many developing countries , when there is corruption, violence, hate, poverty, etc, there is one who gets a magnified amount of the particular travesty and always shoulder the blame, it's the weaker human being, women and children. Just I will tell you a glimpse about situation in my country as 40% of population is under the poverty line ,you can notice that in villages ,rural areas and slums in the outskirts of the major cities that’s also common in peasant areas among Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe where the cultural standing tend to be absent Or not exist at all ,observing these circumstances within those people we will find that sometimes families sell their children like forcing a little girl to marry an old man from Arab gulf just because he is rich and he is going to pay then after he gets bored he sent her back to her family neither married nor divorced then she will be treated as a second-hand goods ,and if she had children may be she transfer the same disastrous culture if it is a girl beginning with circumcision and genital mutilation in the name of protecting instead raising ethics and Scruples of conscience ,giving her the instructions unconsciously to learn the same nasty values that were put to satisfy specified category regardless the other categories specially if we are talking about the gauge of nations’ renaissance ,and although that women are mostly in poor areas in most countries produce 75-90% of food crops in the world ,they are also responsible for the running of households. meanwhile women in some advanced countries have a chance to work while their kids are in the nursery of the company “believe some companies do ” while other women in developing countries can’t find a work for her self .. so if the situation is like that so what can we do to limit these problems to the minimum ??! In my humble point of view I think it all begin with education so the materials have to be Objective or neutral and free of racism or tone inciting hatred ,specialized a time to negotiate ,share ideas and learn about human rights and duties in general and specially about women and children.. Provide support for women with rough situations by governments or international organizations for instance hand-made projects . Giving the priority for children specially girls and enacting laws that related with women and child‘s rights. Reporting violations, which are issued to women and to promote the concept of citizenship among people. Work on the dissemination of culture and health awareness among members of the community The use of modern methods and technology as part of that process which will be to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among citizens, especially women and to identify the variables that take place in the world and the developments that cause the laws on human rights and women and to highlight the most important problems and how to solve them through aiming both in the social networking sites or to be published in the blog or websites like world pulse that combines many women from different countries with different backgrounds, different visions but although that they have one goal in common which is to see the world a better place to live in

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You have so much energy and concern that will benefit your sisters here on PulseWire. I too see education as the golden ticket - and as you say it needs to be education not steeped in racism. What specific role do you see for yourself in Egypt and on PulseWire? Best to you!

  • Laura