this article has its mixture from my imagination and the reality where we live ... , excuse me for my english but im happy that i managed to write somthing to share it with you.. :)

"The emotional,sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says "it's a girl" - Shirley Chilsholm - Looking from my seat observing the parallel bars of train lines , thats how the life goin to the majority of girls in developing societies..she was just a kid making her first few steps ,telling the world i'm here ,but often no one understands what does that mean cause they are planning to play the same role that was played many decades ago,began the procedures of enshrouding her or "protecting" as they think!!!... just a dark room ,started to scream ,that sharp bright thing but all in vain and silence ,finally the poor girl found her self officially circumcised.. "they never knew that it's all about raising ethics not cutting organs.. "

Although i lost some details from my childhood but two scenes remained rolling in my head, it was about two women.. the first one was grabbed from her hand by someone-couldn't identify his identity- while she was constantly yelling and crying ,the other one was walking beside an old man who kept insaulting her with awkward words in the middle of the street ,she was incapable to do anything but nothing..stand still in my place i couldn't do anything ,i was also hopeless..

_To be raised by a woman who merged with a society that soaked up maleness nasty heritage,the result will be , _Men who will try to complete their lost identity by brainwashed women.. -A nation digging her own grave . -Accepting the fact that woman can be a broom or a chandler but will never be a human ...

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"The emotional,sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says "it's a girl" - Shirley Chilsholm -

Unfortunately it is a sad reality. One does not think about it but gender discrimination starts at birth. Society has a defined role for each individual and we all play the game most of the time unconsciously.

Kadidia Doumbia

Kadidia Doumbia

Hey vicky, the emotions that you have tried to portray through your perceptions are so real and unfortunately happens at large. But talking about my own place things are changing. The reasons are simply women folk are proving themselves at each sphere. But lot more needs to be done. Instead of feeling hapless we should try to arm ourselves and stand firm without succumbing before mini or macro trials. Afterall, they are part and parcel of life.... Problems are everywhere. The difference is simply in their magnitude...Cheers.... Stay Safe. Regards

Aliya Bashir

There has been a significant progress, lets keep striving by connecting and networking .This will help us prove our strenght

Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women is progress to the Nation

Vicky, you shouldn't be hopeless. recognizing and voicing an issue is the first step forward and with constant support an encouragement you can be the tool for of luck ..



Obviously in many developing countries, women seem to have duty placards pasted on their foreheads. We are defined by the men in the societies we live in. Very sad reality. I am however very touched and disturbed by the mention of circumcision. As little children i suppose we have very little control. In my country, its a practice that we are only recently seeing taking centre stage becasue of the AIDS pandemic.


Gertrude Bvindi

Vicky , i liked what you wrote and it touched my heart as here in the developing countires we faced a lot of discrimination but we are the new generation we are the new change ! women are fantastic human beings and the whole world will know about it

Vicky, this is as obtainable today but we shall not allow it stay that way forever... Its time to tell the world that 'Actually, the best thing that ever happened to us was born a woman!'

Nice writeup.. My local lingua in Nigeria will say: D'aalu (Well done)!

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