Hello! I joined PulseWire for several reasons. First, because I found this website through a professor who is trying to help me find an internship. I would love to be involved in this publication's work, and I think the reason that what they are doing is so important right now is that it isn't possible to connect only with women in your own community and understand the range of experiences a woman can have. The need for global connection between women is dire, because there are age old problems that will never be solved unless we all work together to understand why it happens. Even if I don't get to intern, I'm happy that this journal will now allow me to do just that.

Second, as you may have guessed, is because I want to connect with women all over the world to better understand an experience I have gone through. I don't know exactly how to open up about it, especially over the internet, so I will try to work through it on my own and hopefully be able to talk about it soon.

I don't know how to end this entry, so I will just say hello to everyone, and I hope I can find someone to share my experiences with. If you've kept reading thus far, thank you for maintaining interest in what I have to say. Until next time!