About Me: I'm a young activist; fighting for children's rights and also a feminist writer(with its ideas & theories). I have a very strict principle: Commitment, Dedication, Determination & Discipline. I dream of a world where rights of all would actually be respected and a world where females are saved, permitted & encouraged to voice out for positive changes & to help comport dignity. I have come to know that one dedicated person can change the lives of tens of thousands of people and I have dedicated to be a protestor against wrongdoing and a protector of right things, in other to make the world a better place for all to thrive.

My Passions: Creativity, Mentoring, Volunteering, Empowering the girl child, geography

My Challenges: People, financial challenge

My Vision for the Future: A world where rights of all are actually respected

My Areas of Expertise: Creativity, Speech making, Volunteering & Mentoring, Accounting

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