Most times, I sat with glum looks on my face because I lose interest being altruistic and appear gloomy to everyone but thank God, I have been blessed with inspirations and motivations. My global friends are groovy because they've made me develop a gritty determination & your job as earned y'all joie de vivre.

I remain & will always remain grateful to many activists, for voicing out loud, for if not their actions, the world would have become so aggravated. With the little they knw, they've helped to effect a change in our world.

Today, things are not very impressive, most especially in the areas of child abuse & trafficking and to help worsen situations, individuals live the lives of no-man's business. Many women and children are abused physically, sexually, although I consider this ubiquitous. Awareness could be raised against violence & threats on children & women so that its realisable that it is wrong. It is very important & its always fun to fight together against these violence & mistreat. Females' rights are mostly violated & abused. Boys' rights are respected more than girls' rights. Its important to fight against discrimination against the females. Female should be involved in all decision-making, although there's a little extent to which human can help.

Many children can't go to school because they have to work, either as maids, mechanics or paver. After a day's work, they're too tired, even to play. If at all privileged to go to school, they go very late & most of them sleep during lectures due to overwhelming, arduous tasks. People are soo callous(they think about themselves & forget about the suffering of the world). A person's not confined to her nation only but part of the world. Some have been brought to the heart-touching fact that many children suffer piteously, either due to poverty or under the cruel mastery of the rich. Children have the right to protection from all forms of violence, right to protection, food, clothing, shelter, education, spare times, etc.

Most are treated badly & don't get any help, they become beggars or run away from home to become street children and hereafter, go into various forms of social vices, THESE ARE COSTLY MISTAKES THAT WRECK A GLORIOUS LIFE. It is necessary to implement, at this early age, about the rights of the child & how to respect them. Also, the rights of the girl child must be honoured in a loving & caring way & shouldn't be forced to do hard work, shouldn't be treated with less respect in the society because it belongs to a minority group & low caste, be less appreciated in the family because of its gender, shouldn't be refused rights to speak out on family matters & shouldn't be FORCED TO MARRY YOUNG. Childhood is for playing & learning things, not all children have to play. Few & privileged children whose rights aren't abused are aware of the horrible conditions that so many children around the world are made to live under. WILL THERE EVER BE A DAY WHEN RIGHTS OF ALL ARE ACTUALLY RESPECTED AND HIGHLY HONOURED? I THINK ITS GONNA BE A LONG STRUGGLE

I have come to know that one dedicated person can change the lives of tens of thousands of kids. WE HAVE TO A GREAT EXTENT AN ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE HUMANITY BUT WE NEVER INTEND TO. My experience has left me in awe & inspired by the dedication, hard work & years of commitment of recipients of the WCPRC. There are so many silent workers whose contributions to the deprived community are immense & beyond all praise. Children's world must be a place where kids are safe, nurtured & have a positive future. I HAVE DEDICATED TO BE A PROTESTOR AGAINST WRONGDOING AND A PROTECTOR OF RIGHT THINGS, supporting actively, attempts in our start to make the world a better place for ALL TO THRIVE, to love & dedicate myself to care for those who have been deprived of rights. I notice children learn by imitation & also rights are violated with impunity. If someone has been living their life basically so that others can benefit from it, and they really do it with passion & love for their fellow beings, why shouldn't we place a mark of support to show their gratitude for their sacrifice? We need to share a little of what we have & care about each other always. It's important for the less-privileged to feel someone care about them. The most important is to give tenderness & love, there's nothing more important than that, then most of them can grow strong & cope with life, despite all they've been through, without fear of intimidation/threats, needing safety, intimacy & love. They need to be assisted to believe in themselves & make them realize they're valuable. These kids are the poorest of the poor, growing up in areas without playgrounds, parks, surrounded by drugs, gangs, violence & prostitution. Compared with other kids, they are likely to be tired, hungry, sick, feeling rejected, inferior, ashamed, excluded & different. We have to be the kids' security, they have been let down too many times & they should know they're not alone, that there are people who care about them & don't forget them. Let's try to help. Many people need our help, extend your hand. Try to transform a life, change & save a mind and be a tutor ;)

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