Moldova's 3 Important characters

Victoria Green
Posted June 25, 2009 from Moldova, Republic of

Dear colleagues, I finally decided that my 3 important personalities I wish to interview are following:

Dorina Roman - A woman with a lot of potential at the moment in developing communication and bringing government closer to it's citizens by providing a healthier communication. She is the representative of one main governmental institution - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova and tries to promote the positive image of our country. She started her carrier in working with Domestic violence Prevention and it is great example of how far she got by learning many languages and being able to promote herself. She is planning to become a diplomat and promote multicultural cooperation in the future. She has helped many known journalists in developing their skills of writing and for her journalism is one of the most important issue through which people can bring solutions and bring them as a working tool for many other people through projects that she did and continues doing in promoting Moldova.

Olesea Fortuna - Country coordinator for the Open World Program. At the age of 30, she has a successful carrier and a nice family, and definitely she makes god linkage between the citizens of our country by providing thew not only the possibility to travel abroad but also by learning them how to develop Moldova by implementing projects with Water Quality or Business and Women, or how to keep faith in life and become successful. She is definitely the person that can teach one how to get to the correct path in carrier and how to be a good professional at the same time making it for the benefit of people. The story here will succeed from the way she makes linkages between mayors, journalists, doctors, lawyers and tries to find common issues in their work in order to improve the situation in our country.

Valeria Svart - the youngest activist. At her 20s she has done more than 1000 people take together for the country's environment - ecology issue. She is constantly bringing new ideas and is able to implement them is the fast manner, creating linkages of sustainability and impressing many around. Besides, she is a belly dancer, teacher of languages and travels a lot in order to bring new people and ideas into our country.

Well, hope to hear all your comments and best of luck...

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  • Jennifer Ruwart
    Jun 28, 2009
    Jun 28, 2009

    How challenging because I want to read about all three of them! I must share, however, that I was struck by your description of Valeria Svart. I want to know her tricks for implementing new ideas quickly. How does she create linkages? What is her vision? Where does she Moldova in 10 years. I think the line about her being a belly dancer got me. :-)

    Any of the three woman will be a great choice. Is there one choice who you are most excited to meet?

  • Victoria Green
    Jul 06, 2009
    Jul 06, 2009

    I am really ready to expose the 3 of them... But since you got interest in Valeria, please have a look on the interview I just managed to finalize.

    Has been interesting assignment and of course it is not easy to keep the word limit, cause there are so many things to tell about...

    Still we must acquire the habit of having less words but more meaningful rather than Bla, bla, bla...

    Hope to hear some comments...

    Oh, I must still work on sharing solution...

    Please, keep me updated!

    With respect, Victoria Vorosciuc

  • Victoria Green
    Jul 06, 2009
    Jul 06, 2009

    I am happy to be with World Pulse!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Dear all, please don't mind!!!

    I found some blank page to express my feeling of joy!!!!!

    Hope you smile when you read through and feel at least a little bit of joy I have!!!!

    Best wishes!!!