She cried... Instead of tears, she was dropping sparkles! It was the Water Woman protecting the small piece of land and it's natives who are rooted there.

For more than 70 years the inhabitants of the village Lunga, continue to confront the grave problem of drinking water. After the groundwater has been polluted, the people get kerosene from their wells instead of water. The concentration of kerosene in some wells from Lunga is so big that the inhabitants use buckets of this liquid to light the fire in their stoves.

The ground water was polluted years ago as a result of leakage. The pipe transported kerosene to the ex-air base from Marciulesti. A Check company promised that they will clean the water in Lunga. It will take around one hundred years for the water to become clean in a natural way.

The local authorities say that the inhabitants of the village are seriously affected by the deficiency of drinking water. According to the mayor of the locality, Galina Burduja, they need more than two million lei ((180 995 USD) in order to build an aqueduct that would provide drinking water for the village. There are no funds in the local budget for this.

Such a massive pollution of the water lead to the growth of infectious diseases. The effects of this burning water will keep the flame in the upcoming generations...

Who is to solve this problem, but us: you, me, your friends?

This is my land, and I care!

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Victoria, Thank you for your story. I have heard similar stories from around the world and I just do not understand how it is possible to live? Water is needed for everything. Where do people from the village get water? Water is a basic human right but your question is correct - who's to solve this problem? I would think the company that polluted the groundwater should be responsible, but I know that it is often difficult to make that happen. I do not have any answers - only more questions. Thank you. Marlies

Hi Marlies,

and thank you very much for your comment! There are similar stories indeed, and one could write a book about that. Question is, what do we do with all this stories. And the answer follows, we try to transform indifferent people into somebody who cares.

What we drink is what we think :)

Stay healthy, Victoria

Victoria Vorosciuc Project Coordinator "Empowering women to participate in community life" WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

It is really disturbing how things work in this world. In no condition should the company responsible for the pollution have got away with it. They should have been made to provide clean and safe drinking water as well as cleaning the polluted water.

It is really hard to imagine how these people live in this condition. It is a lesson for all of us as well. For those who are blessed with water, they need to not only thank God for it but also learn to conseve it.



We must appreciate every single drop!!!

Today there is no water in my house, and I feel so uncomfortable without a shower. Hope they fix the situation. But again, reminds me again on how important water is.

The company does not exist now, and many other as well.

So, we can't dig for the guilty now.

We must hurry with a solution.

For the better to our children,


Victoria Vorosciuc Project Coordinator "Empowering women to participate in community life" WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

I was shocked to read this although I have heard such stories in the past. We cannot change what happened but can educate those around us to prevent this from happening again. Water is such a precious resource that is the life and blood of all that we are and do, yet we continue to pollute it, waste it and abuse it. This is a great wake-up call for all of us.

Hi Victoria, This is a great piece which speaks to the dangers of pollution from big businesses who care too much about money and not enough about the communities in which they work. I am shocked though that this has continued to be a problem for so long and that your government has not stepped in to clean up the supply somehow. Waiting for this to clean itself naturally, just isn't good enough, in my humble opinion!

I love your new portrait photo by the way. Beautiful! Tina

Hello victoria, How are you doing? I have send you an email and waiting to hear from you dear. Regarding your post, I cannot even imagined my life without water. I wonder how the people are living there and how can we solve the problem. thank you so much for bringing this out.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet