One destiny without destination

Victoria Green
Posted February 6, 2010 from Moldova, Republic of

Life goes through episodes. The first one is when a child comes into contact with the mother from the conception and until meeting with the real world. The baby gets attached immediately to the warm breast and receives all the affection and love. Then the fist stressful reality, no more breastfeeding. It takes 3 days or even more to forget this habit. Then the life brings more surprises. Mommy must go and look for a job. The grandparents take the assignement of a babysiter.The mother goes further than just a work in the area. She goes to a country where hundreds of mothers went. A country that waits for the houskeepers, nannies, babysiters, street cleaners and nurses to take care of the elderly ones. Now the baby is " breastfed" by grandparents. The mother is far, working hard, sending some money. Nobody knows for real what she does there. She said she was a houskeeper. Rumors travel faster. Neighhbours talk she was seen many times with diferent men.

Five years later, the baby calls the grandparents mama and papa. The mother is still sending money and candies. But she has never visited the house where her child is being raised. Soon the school begins. The grandparents forgot about their diabetis and avoid bying medicine. They know that soon the baby will need more care and money will be important.

The real mom is married to some old man in that country. She has another family and a new born baby. The money she was sending do not come anymore. No more communication with her parrents.

The baby is 7 years. He steps into the first grade. He meets 30 other firstgraders. The teacher asks each one about their names and family. All answers received are: my mom is in Italy, my father is in Russia, my aunt is in Turkey, my parents went to Portugal, France, Spain, Greece.

Life goes through episodes. Each episode is a destintation where one goes under somebody's guidance.

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  • Nusrat Ara
    Feb 09, 2010
    Feb 09, 2010

    A great story indeed. So many people from so many countries are immigrating resulting in so many problems u have succeeded in highlighting one aspect.

    Lots of Love

  • Tina Garforth
    Feb 11, 2010
    Feb 11, 2010

    This happens in so many countries- That mothers have to leave their children and families behind to earn money to keep their families out of poverty. In England, only three or four generations ago, many women left their children behind as they sought work as domestic servants far away. Visits home were rare then as they continue to be for the growing number of mothers who are working overseas today. It is a terrible situation. Many fathers have to leave their homes also.

    It is a tough life for the workers who then go to work and live in another country. These migrants have such a hard time adjusting and having enough for themselves, as the vast portion of their income goes to their families in their homelands. Many of them live in poverty in the US, as undocumented aliens, doing whatever they can so that their families survive. It is surely out of a great love for their family that they work so hard to make a better life for them. And yet it is still so hard to accept their sacrifice.

    Poverty is a terrible thing. I hope your country finds the solutions it needs to help lift itself out of this sad situation soon. Wishing you the best Tina x