It snowed. I really didn't think it would. In Portland, there is often threat of snow in the winter. "Be prepared for Northwest Weather," the news might say. But it never comes. Maybe a dusting in the hills surrounding the city but never here, near the river where we live. I can't say never. It has. From time to time even a considerable amount, that being three inches maybe. Not that we even got that this time around. But it's cold, cold and now icy over the snow. A girl abandoned her car across the street from my house today. We live on this little hill. Her tires were spinning and she couldn't make it up. She parked, made a call and then got her backpack, checked the trunk and left. Not really parked, straight though. Not in the middle of the street but not not near the curb. I point being that you should be prepared, enough as possible and not think that it won't happen to you.

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I have been so excited by the snow. My favorite moment was early yesterday morning, when the snow was falling in huge lacy petals. I wrapped myself in a blanket, stepped outside, and just breathed in the quiet of the moment. Delightful.

I hope this girl and her car were safe in the end.Here we never experience any snow,we actually only see it in pictures.It must be quite beautiful to look at,and cold to feel.Do many people love the snow or do they fear the cold weather that comes along with it more?

We are now experiencing quite the opposite.It is so hot here.The temperatures range at 28-30 degrees C

.I wish you the best as you enjoy the beauty of the snow,and remind you to keep warm.

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