Vishali S Thakur
Posted November 3, 2013 from India

Leadership quality is a basic essential of life... we all have it in us but in the matter of girls,women it takes time to explore their selves... Because the society and family keeps them in such a four wall virtual world of goodness,which they actually come to know the ground realities of life after facing the world on their own, away from their comfort zone created by the society... The best leaders are women in terms of leading family along with office,society,friends & their own aspirations from life... Young leaders they're because the struggle,the zeal of being educated among men,equality is a blend of a leader which starts from starting and its an on going process... As we are studying,aspiring great goals means someone has already protested for it and then we got it through generation by generation... One such example of young leadership is MALALA YOUSAFZAI is a pakistani school pupil and education activist from the town of Mingora in the swat distt. of pakistan's (NWFP) just sixteen years old Malala is a young leader who is leading numerous girls in that very conservative country where girls are treated like a commodity or item... But she took the initiative to help them.. Education is a strong and everlasting remedy to remove all the major social evils of society like female infanticide, caste system, religion, dowry system and so on... Lets join our hands together and help the upcoming young leaders to explore their potential of being a leader to lead the world... TEACH TO INSPIRE.. TEACH TO LEAD...TEACH THE WORLD.....!!!!!!! THANK YOU.. REGARDS: VISHALI S THAKUR

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