Do we call it challenged identity?

She does not understand why am distressed over losing my precious brown pigment progressively She says its simply cosmetic She says its nothing really as her mother had confirmed to her I need not worry Is your mother a Doctor/Dermatologist or ever experienced such directly or indirectly? She maintains my worry is vain She maintains she see no reason why I should be campaigning for the cause

She did not go to work someday and I inquired why? She asked that I take a close look at her, I saw nothing She was angry that I couldn’t see the boil at a corner of her face I wondered why she was referring to it Its because of that she couldn’t go to work She could not face the public with a tiny boil But she believes I should live comfortably with my black and white face

She continues to pester me to cover my patches with make-up Different suggestions from all angles as to what could help I wondered why no-one wanted to find out what am comfortable in at that point All I tried to say matters not; they wanted me to look how they want I must see some prophet as I had been bewitched It must have been nemesis or some curse on me They were beginning to avoid me, The stares and nasty comments were becoming unbearable Pity, dare I say ‘lip pity’ greeted me from all angle Can’t someone feel my pain and see from my view? A great confirmation that I live in a community that simply play lip pity Empathy was very far from it all, there was no empathy

I became scared of my future Ignorant ruled Yes whatever we do not understand in Africa must be some spiritual or magical powers Thanks to our deep religious orientation

Fear motivated me to become a loudspeaker For Vitiligo victims in Africa and beyond

Let us call forth voice where before there was silence and absolute ignorance. Let us educate and enlighten Let’s share the challenges we face Let’s get the world see our pains as we are neglected in our world Let’s bring Vitiligo cause to world center stage.

A world where vitiligo victims can be understood Where we will start living meaningfully and not just exist Where our employers, friends will see beyond just wanting us to be what they want Where relationships will be restored by simply sharing our stories

It was not as easy as I thought I expected the world to empathize with us and jump at it It’s one cause with so much sacrifice I am determined to go all the way My passion and positive impact on victims continue to motivate me

We are getting our voices out The world is getting it Resilience gets you there Voices from different communities, millions of voices strong

This is to enrich public understanding of the challenges and stimulate far-reaching and probing conversations for improved life. This is my contribution to making the World a better place This is my contribution to Vitiligo Community

THIS IS all VITSAF is about Communicating effectively challenges and everyday lives of the affected to the open society for action How it matters & how it affects quality of life and Rights of the distressed Be part of us.

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Hi Ogo,

Thank you for sharing your experience once again. I like that you write with so much honesty and passion -- I can feel it! I think you are just the type of campaigner needed by those who share a similar experience to you, and to educate people like me. Keep spreading this vital cause, and I will keep reading.

Best wishes,

Lortoria McDonald

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Really appreciate your kind words, am really glad being here as I really want to know what my writing is like to the public especially those coming in contact with the Vitiligo cause for the first time. I really wish to write excellently at the end of it all

I am so happy to be here....

This time I am late in submitting, couldn't get my internet work, when its started working, power failure and my generator refused to come on......hehehehehehehhe, really funny as I laughed at it all...

But I needed to share even if it doesn't count for me in the competition though I deeply and sincerely wish it will be considered....

Will be heading to your journal shortly...

Thanks so much and a beautiful Tuesday


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