My heroes....

Vivian Emesowum
Posted September 13, 2010 from Nigeria

Papa was an only child, so he told my mama that "I want many children, they will be my brothers and sisters which I never had." Mama had eight of us-three boys and five girls. Papa and mama are both illerate but were determined to give us education which they never had, he values education for both girls and boys. Papa, a driver did not go to school because his parent died when he was 5yrs and mama- a petty trader told us that her father refused to send her to school because he says she was stubborn.. Six of us are graduates, five girls and one boy.

Papa usually say a girl must be educated to assist her husband. Papa died after my graduation. Papa's dream was achieved, today my husband says am not only an help mate but his counsellor. Education gave me more than what papa ever thought. Papa took me to the examination hall to write my jamb exam. He provided all I needed during my days in school including that of my slibing.

Mama asked me for a favour when I was in secondary school. She said she want to learn only how to write her name becos she use to be shy when she is asked to write in public. She asked me to write it on a paper which she always have in her purse so as to copy when she needs it. We have our tutorial every evening after meal. She is happy today she can write her name without the paper. She usually said now that if she had know that the world will be like this she would have ran into her emeny's house just to go to school. She feels bad that she cannot read and write. But she is very happy because she supported papa to make sure that their children have rights to education.

I give thanks to papa where ever his soul rest now for I have achieved more that what he planned for me. Mama missed u so much papa.

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