Celebrate women who have died for a cause

Vivian Emesowum
Posted November 1, 2010 from Nigeria
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Today, 2nd of November, The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of "All Soul" to remember all departed souls whole over the world. Mass celebration and prayers are said for those who are believed to be in pugatory. Infact, the month of November is usually dedicated to All Souls. Good as it may, I truly want to use the Pulse Wire platform to remember Women, Mothers, Sisters, Friends, relatives who have died fighting for their rights, for Change and Justice. Those who have died of AIDS, Cancer, TB and other sickness. Those who have died as a result of gender based violence. Those who died giving birth to another life. Those who have died for the sake of love, patience. Those who died for what they believe in. Those who have died out of frustration, depression and fear. Those who have died because the of their silence to speak for their rights. Those who have died in pains, torture, brutally. Those who have died during war, earthquake, hurricane and others.

We can light a candle stick for them and pray that there gentle soul continue to rest in peace. Let us continue the work they left behind. Let us speak and act to end gender based violence, for women to be empowerment, for women to gain their rights including their reproductive rights. Let us see that only 1 in 1000 women may die at child bear or none. Let us empower women to take the lead in political platform. Let us see that women can smile after a tough time.

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