Vivian Emesowum
Posted June 14, 2013 from Nigeria
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Home sweet home I have really missed you Do not think that I does come home I dash in and dash out To find out what is happening I see beautiful things going on New things has emerged for all

Home sweet home You gave me a voice when I was voiceless You took away the sackcloth of shame of childhood, fear and timidity And gave me joy and laughter You gave a reason to speak and have my voice back You listened to me when no one was ready to listen

You made me realize what I never know about myself- that I am good writer. Only one person has told me that before you- my immediate boy You confirmed his word

I remember those day, I have to do my assignments. I have to write frontline stories and read other friends post and comment. I welcome new friends. I search the net for new happenings, it was fun!! I enjoyed it.

You gave me my first award as one of your VOF, you may take it common. But I hold it to high esteem. I value my I'd so much, though I lost it now but you have made me who I am.

You make my ears attentive And my hand writing Leaving me thinking on my toes

Out of sight is not out of mind No, it is not I have you always in mind My story will never be complete if I does not mention you as part of what I am today I may not have gone places in reality but I have otherwise Cos I have friends all over the world I may have lost contact with them but you only can help me find them

Home sweet home You are sweet indeed to stay You so beautiful and comfortable to stay A peaceful home for all You do not discriminate You accept everyone the way they are You don't try to speak for anyone but allow all to speak for themselves When you decide to speak You speak for all - women and girls

Home sweet home I hope to come home more often now I have taken a decision to do that though I may have some challenges, but I will try I am going to create time out to visit As lest to pick my own portion of the chocolate cake I need to start writing again

But you have to promise me that you will read me It makes me happy when I receive the email that someone has comment on my post I am always in a rush to click the link and read what my dear friends and sister have to say about my post I am motivated to write more.

I am glad I have a home like you I am blessed to be part of this home I have missed so many old friends but I am sure of making new ones You all give me a reason to come home There is no place like home

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