Every single day, Nigeria loses about 2,300 under-five year olds and 145 women of childbearing age. This makes the country the second largest contributor to the under-five and maternal mortality rate in the world (UNICEF, NIGERIA).

Underneath the statistics lies the pain of human tragedy, for thousands of families who have lost their children. Even more devastating is the knowledge that, according to recent research, essential interventions reaching women and babies on time would have averted most of these deaths.

Although analyses of recent trends show that the country is making progress in cutting down infant and under-five mortality rate, the pace still remains too slow to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of reducing child mortality and improving maternal health by 2015

This campaign is created by Grassroot People and Gender Development Center in collaboration with Lagos State Civil Society Partnership (LACSOP) to raise improve maternal and child health in Nigeria

Who can participate? Anyone can participate in this campaign to give a voice and demand quality care services for maternal and child health within our communities. Write a personal story or someone else experience on maternal and child health. What are the challenges that limit women from assessing quality care from the health care centre within your community? What do you think the government should do to improve health care and reduce death of mother and child at birth? Share your innovative strategies for better health care services. Give your recommendation or way forward to the government, health workers, mothers and community leaders on what you think can bring a desired change.

How to participate? To participate in this campaign, following the link www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/groups/86779 to join the group and connect with other women. Tag your post with “maternal and child health in Nigeria”, also include your state of location in the tag,

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Benefit of participating *Opportunities to connect with grassroots women leaders from around the globe Personal development, including increased self-awareness, confidence and empowered leadership *Opportunity to have your post published in one of the populous Nigeria Newspaper *Your recommendation and solutions will be forwarded to our elected leaders for improved service delivery in Nigeria *An opportunity for your voice to be heard

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