A challenge gives the motivation to move on

mary wambaria
Posted September 20, 2011 from Kenya

There is always resistance to change in every community. People don’t like the unknown and they want to live in their comfort Zones. Challenges and barriers in communities are as a result of lack of knowledge or education about the benefits that comes up with the change. People first need awareness of the change, information hat can help them make an informed decision so that you can persuade them to change. For example to convince a community on the need to educate a girl child they need to be told of the benefits associated with this change of direction. Another challenge is on the policy makers. Who are the opinion leaders or change agents in the society? If the change is not convincing enough they may not support it in the grass roots. Another challenge is the source of the change. What conveys this change idea? Is it a person who is creditable in the society? Is he or she believable? Another aspect is the language used. Is this language well understood by the community you are targeting? However you may have all the above but if you don’t have the required resources in terms of human and infrastructure this might not work. For example if you want to use an online communication platform like this one of pulse wire, do you really have the skills to construct one and also create content, Is the infrastructure in terms of internet access available? Current solutions are to provide access and equity in education to all especially the hard to reach. Another strategy is launch Advocacy campaigns especially targeting the change agents by appointing champions elected from the community level. At the individual level I take advantage of all courses so that I can sharpen my skills in online communication and writing like pulse wire training program. Through pulse wire I can relate to women who are working in the same field like mine. If one can get their profile it’s possible to connect.

Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change

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