In 2007 I was the supervisor of a center. I needed a cleaner for cleaning and cooking of kindergarten’s children. A woman living close to the center came to work whose husband worked as door keeper during the night in our center. They were a poor family and had many children. Their daughter who was a young girl could not get education due to financial problems. She was a very wise and intelligent girl. When ever I found a chance to talk to her, she told me that she was interested to get education. It has to be mentioned that she got education upto class 7. I called her at the office and asked her the reason why she did not continue her school. She said that her mother was busy working at the center, so there is no one at home to work and her father was not able to pay her school fee. She said that her father was not kind enough to his children and they lived by what her mother earned as a cleaner. She said that she was weaving blankets for which she was paid very little money and she couldn’t have time to get education. I decided to talk to her parents and if possible for her to go to school and continue her education. At the beginning I talked to her father. He said that he was not against her education, but the problem was of bad environment and situation. At the school in the morning boys and in the afternoon girls study. It is problem for her to go to school, but better to sit at home. I argued with him and said that his daughter was very intelligent. If she completes her education, she could help the family financially to live a happy life. I continued talking to him that at last he allowed her to go to school. She was going to school regularly and before going to school she came to meet me and daily said thanks to me. Now the girl is in class 9th. She sometimes comes to my house and says it was because of my hard work that she is able to go to school. Her father is also happy now and encourages the girl to complete her education. I think it was a good help because in a country like Afghanistan where men rule and it is very hard to make a man understand to let his daughter go to school. I think I have saved a girl’s life and future.

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Dear Wahida,

U did a great job by letting her go to school.Education is the most important wealth these days and without education everyone look in a negative way. If you have education, you have ethg in life. You can support your family.I think every one should see this fact seriously and force the parents of the children who are not getting education. They should be told the importance of schooling. what impact and changes can education bring in ones lives should be communicated to them so that none one them in this world remain illetrate and live happily with pride. You were really encouraging a a big support for the girl. keep up the good work Wahida. I am proud to have u here with us. This made me so motivated and i also do wanna help the world.

Plz keep writing more inspiring stories and experiences so that all the women gets encouragement to do rich in life.

Peace, pooza

Not only did you help that girl get her education - you educated the father! So much harm is done because of ignorance, but if more and more people do what you did, reach out, don't give up, and teach others that educating girls is valuable and of the highest importance, change will happen! It's exciting to read of one story where it did happen. Thank you for doing it, and sharing your story.