Common problems of Women in Afghan Community

Wahida Shakir
Posted August 3, 2010 from Afghanistan

historic periods. They suffer injustice and inequalities in any life‘s condition.

Afghan Women even educated and wise one are harassed differently by family disputes, poverty, successive deliveries, lack of accesses to literacy and education, unavailability of adequate food and other different types of violence and can’t defend their rights blessed by Allah.

The women in our community tolerate different problems caused by difficult life situation.

• Woman who are only obligated for successive deliveries till the time they have its ability. • Woman who face all life problems alone cause her husband gets married when he become economically able and leave his wife with lots of terrible situations and the major responsibility of treating and educating the children. • Woman who works hard for making a living to their children since her husband acts only like a head of family and doesn’t address any responsibility toward his family members. He doesn’t support his family economically, spiritually and socially. If the family is affected by unfair treat of a family member, the mother will be blamed.

These were the major and common problems that a woman usually suffers in our community after her marriage. Furthermore, in most of families, girls play as a second person of the family as some parents mostly prefer their sons rather than daughters. For example, they make lots of efforts to provide better chance of getting higher education to their sons. These problems are caused by unpleasant cultures in our society.

I as an Afghan women want to request my compatriots to notice these issues. Many articles and statements were published or conveyed to the media via press, but none of them had an implemented aspect. We say (women form half of society), so can we annoy half of our body. Our prophet Mohammad (P.B.U) says: (Paradise is under feet of mothers) so can we be blessed of paradise without gaining Allah and our mothers’ happiness. Thereby, think deeply and support women and girls in order to spend a comfortable life and acquire Allah’s satisfaction and have a pleasant life in both worlds.

We cannot blame the entire Afghan people since there are wise, open minded and educated people with Islamic vision in different Afghan communities. These people reduce women’s problems, notice their spiritual demands and consider women as an essential part of society. We hope the number of such people in our community get increased and grant women importance in educational, economical, spiritual and social fields. Hence, a society can be built by both men and women’s progress.

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  • Olutosin
    Aug 03, 2010
    Aug 03, 2010

    Thanks so much Wahida for this post, you have argued well, we will continue to encourage women through education to claim their rights and challenge every stereotypes holding them down while on the other hand we will continually implore our government to face the facts, meanwhile we should also mainstream gender in all that we engage in...this is a nice piece Wahida!