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She is landlocked, experiencing a semi - arid kind of climate, a small country which covers only 231,803km3 size of Texas and with a population of about 1.6 million people. I spend most of my time at the cattle post where most of our country men would prefer. I lived a free life there. When school days arrived we were sent to the village. Life had been so flexible, one would go to another man‘s homestead and if he/she finds no one while hungry, a bucket of milk usually is hanged on the tree and usually the hungry will feed themselves even on the absence of the owner. I remember, when anyone gets lost coming from these other districts of the country, I saw my parents would give such the best of their care. This has been passed onto generation to generation and the spirit of “BOTHO” i e respect has been prevailing empowerment by empowering others.

Besides my beloved country was never actually colonized. It was a protectorate of Britain. After the three chiefs from Botswana travelled to England to request such an arrangement. Britain established the area as a protectorate, then known as Bechuanaland in 1961, Britain granted a constitution to the country and self governing began in 1965 and on the 30th of September 1966 the country became independent. Botswana Is one of the wealthiest and most stable countries in the continent. Ever since that time I in particular have enjoyed being a Motswana, each year the government sends food ratios to the communities to be eaten on this day as they celebrate at the Kgotlas My involvement in this day was an amazing experience, as I was a traditional dancer, I would dance my heart throughout the course of the day, i remember women in my community will enchant words of victory and success upon my life . However after all these years as I take stock of our aspirations and at the same time we must formulate our aspirations and dream for the future. In my motherland when hunger strikes amongst our fellow men, we don’t hesitate to ask. A mother would send her child to ask for some food or relish, even asking for material things is permissible rather than stealing which is not allowed in our society. That has been practiced even to date. As for the meat, here in my country its like a staple diet, meat is preferred. Men would eat it and drink water and forget about the rest.

However that has changed though that was how good morals were attained in our communities. But due to social attitudes and values around the world Botswana is changing at unprecedented rate. Batswana are adapting to the challenges of global society while retaining their positive aspects of their cultural values that distinguish them from other nations. I really love my country, Botswana on her capacity is a shinning light to its citizens, fending them most valuable assets, education, building of schools, dams, tarred roads , powering of rural areas, giving its citizens access to clean water, good health facilities sharing its natural resources .I have grown up to know nothing about gun shooting and bombings and all kinds of civil wars. Political stability is all that holds my beautiful Botswana. In the Kgotlas there is freedom of Speech.Botswana is an envisioned country. It runs with its vision with seven pillars or vision 2016.Through its Diamonds Botswana ‘s education system has changed over the past years, our government accesses education to all men so that by 2016 we must all be literate as well computer literate since technology is increasing at alarming rate. Also i appreciate the fact that our leaders have seen it fit to endorse this vision due to challenges accompanied by rising globalization.

Moreover Botswana recognizes women with their roles ,they play equal roles as men.There are no stereotypes associated with gender, age, religion or creed, national or political opinions. There is respect for human rights. My beloved country has achieved a lot, we are a proud nation doing well even internationally. A peaceful country, However my heart cry out for Batswana,as long as Batswana cannot change their social and moral values and do responsible parenting as well live responsibly, HIV/AIDS will deal with us trecherously and as much as i still see our youth,as if they are competing to be infected the monster will never cease its job and definately thats what i want to change.

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  • Rudzanimbilu
    Jan 16, 2011
    Jan 16, 2011

    I want to believe I know so much about my country but Warona, you know Botswana so well. I could picture all those moments of your childhood and I smiled to a point where I wondered why I was smiling. It reminds me of similar experiences as well...the dancing part especially. Thank you so much for sharing my sister and for advocating for your country for the world to see. Its beautiful because the stories you share we don't get to read in the mainstream media. As always, I am most proud of you!

  • warona
    Jan 16, 2011
    Jan 16, 2011

    Hi Rudzani,

    This is my mother land Rudzani! i love Botswana with all my heart, some say its a bush for the bush men.You must come and see these bushmen how wonderful their lifestyle and all.Today you can leave your cup here and the following day comes with the cup still being there.No, am not saying there is no crime.It is there but we enjoy the peace that surpasses all understanding. Right now am in Selibe -Phikwe my town and its rainny season,and as the waters runs along the roads i remember that life in the bush,at the cattle post or farm where i used to enjoy life to the fullest, with all those dancings you remember,it was wonderful love.

    I thank God for you my sister,may he carry you through.