Posted January 12, 2011 from Botswana

Just this morning on the national Radio Station, Its of great concern as we hear that in Queenstown Australia has been hit by a serious torrential rains. The situation is said to be very terrible an very devastating. Queenstown is Australia‘s largest coal producer, the very place affected by the torrential flooding and rains that have halted much of the coal production and exports in the rest of the state including Agricultural Sector.

The Embassy of Botswana reported this morning to announce that in Australia according to their records there are about eleven (11) students, six (6) in service and one (1) student from the University of Botswana. The reporter said that they are in contact with all of them, they mail them, they also phone them more often and that they are not in the affected area. The government of Australia has been evacuating people to safer places.

However, on the other hand this morning our embassy in Nigeria gave a brief report on the crisis in Cote d vore, that according to their research there are no Batswana in Cote D Vore except a woman who is said to be married there. The ambassador announced that they managed to reach her and she told them that, where she is, is safe, though the situation cannot be satisfactory. Due to the ongoing crisis in the country which began after the President Laurent Gbagbo of Cote d vore since 2000 claim he has won the Ivorian election of 2010,the first election in the country in 10 years . His opposition candidate Alassane Outtara and other countries ,organizations and leaders world wide claimed that Alassane has won the election. This has made our government to enquire of their citizens so that if there be any need for them to be rescued it be done early before things get out of shape

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Jan 13, 2011

    Good that the citizen outside are being contacted in time like this. We hope Australia will recover from this desaster as soon as possible.

  • warona
    Jan 13, 2011
    Jan 13, 2011

    Dear Gal,

    Sure this is a good thing to do.There should be some kind of defence to protect a country and its citizens.when natural disasters strikes we hope on God.We cry to him because he is the creator of heaven and earth,he knows.Besides i have seen people in Botswana praying for their land more especially when elections comes,so that God appoint a leader.Yaa we hope Australia,will be relieved from these torrential showers and the situation in your country to cease.

    Thank you dear for your comment ,and thank for your your wishes.

    Lets hope, things in both ccountries will stabilize.May GOD help our people.

    Best luck to them