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She has been a dependable source of comfort, She has been my help in times of trouble.I wonder where she got all the strength to raise us up.Its so amazing. The woman of my heart.The very woman who looks like me. In terms of strength and power. She was well aligned with this life. She knew what was the next step from what she has achieved.

I remember those years we were still living at the cattle post.My mother would teach us bush manners. When its rainy season she would teach us where to walk and cross, what to avoid and what to eat, edible and non edible fruits. Also which part of the river should we cross. The behaviour of wild animals.When and how do they kill their prey.She taught me how to kip clean water.She taught me how to cook, how to handle strangers, how to behave infront of important people.She also taught me about men. Our lives me and my siblings has been so good with our mother. The farm steads were built 500 m apart but not too many yards you will find in the same location. It was during this time whereby when we dont have salt we could go and ask from our neigbours, life was beautiful.Come social time, the main intertaining thing was music, my grandfather used to have what they call umplifier.He was hired for his nice music to play at these cattle post parties. I remember how we used to dance. The main thing for us children as we mix with other children was to dance, and we would dance our hearts out......But after some time towards the end of the day while we were still dancing my mother will approach me to stop dancing.mmmm! i will be annoyed and if i persisted she will promise me the very thing that will make me sit, just by whispering in my ear.She was a hero in that cattle post.She was very unique.She loved staying in the bush more than town life.She liked fire, sitting by the fire and chantting words of wisdom to her children.

Even when i started writing this, my heart was so soured, i have lost the woman of my heart. I remember when i was pregnant how she told me about labour pains. It was up until she told me how painful it is when the servix opens.Despite what all my friends told me, she even told me never to cry, " she said please be a woman my daughter, i know you are a strong girl, you will make it,go and bring my grandchild" My daughter however came and she had foot deformity. So from first week after birth i was in and out of the hospital.The doctor was applying the POP( PLASTER OF PARIS ) on her legs and it had been a tourturing experience as they applied that pop on her both of her feet twisting her joints so that pop dries while twisting so that it corrects the diformity.Unfortunately the correcting was not fruitful for a period of 8 months.I had to ask the doctor for opperation which he did perfectly.Again i still remember her uncondtional love.She stood by me.My mother was so amazing.

The memories are clear , so vivid and tangible as if they happened yesterday.We cant stop thinking about her,its unbearable. We remember her with so many great deeds.Sometimes we just gather to talk about her.When she died i was left to fend for her kids at a young age.We are seven, and one can imagine how i made end meet.All my three siblings were still at the primary school. I had no choice but to be their mother and father. I followed mama 's heart.As well they knew how mama used to teach them so they were easy to deal with.She died a terrible death from beer poisoning."I love you mum, you didnt even have a chance to say bye bye my children because the agony. I saw with my own naked eye the pain that shuttered your life.I love you and i miss you and will always. Your children are okay, they have grown up and soon they will finish schooling."

May your soul rest in peace.

"Your duplicate,Warona, the woman you left to raise your kids". I thank God for giving us such kind of a woman.We had blissful years with her.Her love is uncomparable. Our family members has failed us.But as much as we still remember her advices we are still rooted and grounded to her teachings.We are strong because of her.

International Women's Day 2011: A Call for Heroes

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  • LilyBrook
    Mar 07, 2011
    Mar 07, 2011

    Thank you for this beautiful story about your mother. I love the line about "chanting words of wisdom" and am so grateful to be able to share in celebrating your mother this Intl Women's Day. Thank you

  • warona
    Mar 07, 2011
    Mar 07, 2011

    Dear Lily,

    Its good to hear from you over there.Am thankfull to your comment my dear.Am also excited to hear that you have also participated in this celebration of our heros,this is wonderful.Thank God for this platform.