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Defining Digital literacy in the 21st century is a complex proposition, in simplistic terms it is the ability to know when and how to use digital technology. Due to some survey, the most valuable feedback came from the “teach your parents” activity. Ex; -I showed my mom how to use her Iphone once she got it and it was easy for me, but hard for her. -I taught my dad how to use an iPod. It was kind of funny because I understood all of the technological terms but he was not familiar with some of them so I had to find different words to use. It took a while but he finally got it.

We understand that our future will depend heavily on digital technology,and with these electronic advances comes the need to provide women & girls a well-rounded, contemporary education. As several of us noted, in addition to the “traditional” literacies of reading, writing, and arithmetic, women today must be literate in the digital sense. Moving from “the ability to know when and how to use digital technology” to clearly articulating the knowledge and skills that make one literate today is a challenging yet worthwhile endeavor. Now that our online platform "" & "" are up and running, it’s time for women to start looking at this issue more deeply, and take a chance to learn how to use it to gain competitive advantages in Today's & Tomorrow's Global market .

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .

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Dear WEBB Middle East,

I'm delighted to read about your experience teaching your mom to use an iPhone and your dad to use an iPod, how it was harder for them than for you -- but hard for you to teach them, I guess! -- and how you had to find different words to explain the process to your dad. That's very enlightening. I also appreciate your clear description of, "digital-age literary," and how crucial it is to the forward movement of women now. Thank you so much for both your everyday/human approach to digital literacy and your approach to the much bigger picture; the future of our world. I wish you the very best, and hope you'll continue teaching others how to use their iStuff! In doing so, you're reconnecting them to the world. With Appreciation, - Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Hello. I really enjoyed reading your article, especially the stories of teaching your parents how to use digital technology! You are right, of course, that in this day of digital development, digital literacy is extremely important. A well rounded education, provided to women and girls in particular will make for a digitally literate female community. I salute your work in helping to develop the online platform, WEBB-middleeast.

Best regards,


Hello Nancy ;

Thank You for your comment .You are right, A well rounded education, provided to women and girls in particular will make for a digitally literate female community. I will appreciate if you will read also my other journal : WEBB Middle East: "An Egyptian Feminist Movement into Global Digital Action"\ Waiting for your feedback.


Rim SiamChairman of WEBB International Middle EastWEBB Megastore : www.webb-middleeast.comWEBB Business center :

Hi Rim Siam

I enjoyed reading your post, especially about how children can teach their parents. With the right approach, almost anyone can learn to use technology, even if some take a little longer to become comfortable with it than others do.

Here, some local organisations run free or low cost classes for adults who don't know much about computers to teach them the basics such as how to use the internet, send email etc. Is there much organised computer education for adults in your country?

I agree that digital literacy is now an essential skill in many places, and can open up a lot of new opportunities for everyone. Good luck with your websites!


Dear Mary : Thank You for your comment .Yes there is classes to teach adults how to use internet. I will appreciate if you can read also my other journal :WEBB Middle East: "An Egyptian Feminist Movement into Global Digital Action"\ Waiting for your feedback.

Rim SiamChairman of WEBB International Middle EastWEBB Megastore : www.webb-middleeast.comWEBB Business center :

Dear Rim,

I love that you assume our right as women to be educated in digital literacy. Your invitation to look into WEBB-Middle East is both welcome and inspiring. Your strong statement that it is time for women to look more deeply at what these channels of communication have to offer us, is a great reminder that we have just begun and that so much is possible. With your words, our imaginations can soar. I also enjoyed so much reading about your teaching your mother and father how to use online tools. For me it was yet another reminder of how savvy those of you are, who have grown up with computers already invented. You are leading the way, with what you have to teach. Thanks, too, for pointing out "WEBB-Middle East: An Egyptian Feminist Movement into Global Digital Action. Another great name. Another great, information packed article.

In Sisterhood,


Dear WEBB Middle East,

You have brought to the fore some important issues. Here is what I heard in your writing:

  1. Kids are teaching their parents how to use technology (the same thing is happening here in the US!)
  2. There is a need to identify what digital literacy means/looks like so it can be taught more formally (I think the children are leading the way by showing us how to use technology)
  3. The WEBB Middle East site is a new platform for business women to use to strengthen their business connections and skills using digital media.

    By the way, there are some beautiful, beautiful clothes on the site! The circular logo for the website is also, truly beautiful.

Thank you for sharing these important ideas. In kindness, Kit

Our future will only depend on digital technology in this modern world. All this time our Mom and dad taught us what they know,and by reading this i think its time to teach them what we know. If we have to survive in this 'online' world we should have digital literacy. And it is good to know about WEBB-middle east, Women Engaging Bridge Building a great platform for women entrepreneurs. All the best...keep it up... Love Shilpa.


I agree that education needs to move beyond reading, writing and arithmetic to include digital fluency. The world for women especially will grow exponentially once intelligence is given access. Thank you for the research on this subject.


Dear Rim Siam and Webb Middle East,

I am thrilled to hear your parents want to be involved in the digital world and that they have such a capable teacher! I often speak with men and women who are a little older who don't want to take part for a variety of reasons. Please encourage them to share their experience with their friends!

Thank you for sharing these important concepts!

Sue (aka Trudy)

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." (Walt Disney)

Merci pour ton article, en rapport avec la technologie, je vous remercie d'avantage et votre commentaire me ravis , ça me ravis pourquoi? parceque c'est tout a fait identique à mon expérience quand j'apprenais le telephone à ma mère, vraiment c'est très sure elle refusais tout au debut, mais petit à petit elle est parvenu à savoir. Une chose est qu'elle m'a revellé quelque chose à l'esprit quand elle disait qu'on est appellé à apprendre chaque jour Oui, je sais que c'est toujour difficile d'apprendre pour un adulte, mais le petit sécret est d'appliquer le courage Merci et bientot en ligne


Chere Bajira :

Je te remercie infiniment sur ton commentaire. Je te passes mes felicitation pour la Journee International des femmes et je souihates que tu lis mon deuxieme Journal : WEBB Middle East: "An Egyptian Feminist Movement into Global Digital Action"

A bientot

Rim SiamChairman of WEBB International Middle EastWEBB Megastore : www.webb-middleeast.comWEBB Business center :

Rim, as the saying goes "CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME." Your initiative to introduce your parents into the world of computer technology and the internet is a sound one. In many social actions, we should start with ourselves and our respective families. Then we go out and reach out to our neighbors, the neighbors of our neighbors, just like a ripple. This way, achieving a goal will be easier.

I also wish to appreciate your humor as well as your clear and candid style of expressing yourself. I can just imagine that you are a happy, friendly and generous person. I wish to meet you personally someday.

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

Hi WEBB Middle East, I can relate to your story. My teenage son is often helping me to learn and understand new technology. Technology changes so quickly. I agree with you, digital literacy is very important in today’s digital world.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Hi Aimee,

It's so awesome to read about this agenda that WEBB has... not only the agenda, but the matched interested in WEBB by women of the Middle East. I feel there is so much power and potential for women in the Middle East. The strong networks are there and in the cultural fabric. It's just getting those smaller communities together to put women in the forefront of society. Great work, and keep it up!!


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