Yesterday, I learned that 40 women who were protesting a women being beaten because she was wearing pants, have been arrested and taken to prison. Attorneys were denied access to the women. These women have no opportunity to defend themselves, legally or physically. This is an outrage and this type of violence toward women is unacceptable. What is their fate? I've have several people ask what can be done to help these women. Does anyone have concreate suggestions? If you pray, I ask you to pray for the safety of these women. Thank you.

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Hello Dear Mr. William,

Thank you so much for your concern and blogging in support of Sudanese women. Detained women were release Wednesday, under bail, after more than five hours of detention. The government, to justify the merciless whipping, currently provided another story accusing the lashed of adultery and drugs dealing. Besides it gave two contradictory dates for arresting the woman and got her flogged. First the police said in an aired interview with Alarabiya channel that the woman, was arrested in July 2009, then four days one of the high ranking officials said in an televised interview that the woman in video arrest February 24, 2010 and received 50 lashes. he added that , that wasn't the first time she whipped. According to him, had received 80 prior to the February's and imprisoned and released under a general amnesty a general amnesty. Am blogging and frequently updating this issue on the following link:



Sister Halima, thank you for sharing this information with your family at World Pulse and the world at large. The world knows the type of violations of human rights going on within Sudan and elsewhere. Eventually, men greedy for more power, more riches, will be judged by a power higher than myself. In the present however, women and children must be protected. Whenever a crime against women occurs, the women must be saved and the perpatraitors called to task. Please continue your good work in reporting. We need you., love, William

This is so ubsurd. Its our hope that one day the women of Sudan will be liberated from such brutal actions.

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