Wendy Werling and I were discussing ways to help with the education of girls in Africa and I'd like to share the website I found yesterday. There is a wonderful video about Ann Cotton and her organization (UK) called CAMFED. There is a branch in S.F., but mostly the organization is helping girls in Africa. Go to www.camfed.org and take a look at video, "Ann Cotton an uncommon hero educating girls in Africa". Skoll Foundation,org, is involved (good orgnaization for everyone). After watching the video I didn't know whether to cry and smile. It was wonderful. Anybody have other suggestions that might give us some ideas for helping girls in Africa? Oh, CAMFED also educates about HIV/AIDS.

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Thanks for sharing the link with us. William, you have been such an active member on PulseWire. It has been wonderful to get to know your voice. Kepp it up!

In friendship,

Jenna Kellam

Thanks for your encouragement, Jenna. I am very passionate about helping children in Africa. Not only will my love help them, but the effort helps me too. Since returning from Liberia I try to conserve, and do without, so I can send money where it will be well used. What good work is available to us. How did you like the video about Ann Cotton's work? peace, William