I have been reading everywhere about what is being planned for today in places all around the world. A global initiative on 10 November 2010 for film-makers to piece together a mosaic of what is happening around our globe today.

Judging from the posts I have read on this platform, it will be a good day to put our stories in photo and video formats over the 24 hours of this day. I’m hoping to make an entry, highlighting the work of the MEASLES INITIATIVE to raise awareness, educate and fund-raise to conquer an easily preventative disease. I will be filming from on the mall in Washington, DC participating with the One Day on Earth platform.

I want to encourage participants on this platform to get involved....

Follow these links:


One Day has provided these tips for people participating:

*ALL content must be shot during the 24-hour period of October 10, 2010,local time. * Feel free to start at 12:01 AM Sunday. * Introduce yourself! At the beginning of your footage, state your name and what country you are participating from: "My name is ______________ and I am participating in One Day on Earth from _______________." Also, please state the time of day, subject you are filming, and location. * If asked what you are filming for, here's our suggested reply: "I'm filming a short film for the One Day on Earth project. It is a global participatory media project that is documenting today, 10.10.10, in every country of the world." Legal forms can be found on our site at: http://www.onedayonearth.org/page/legal-forms

Media submissions to www.onedayonearth.org open October 10, 2010 and extend until the deadline, November 10, 2010. Before uploading, please review our media submission guidelines: http://www.onedayonearth.org/page/media-submission-guidelines * Please only upload content that you have legal rights to. * Save ALL of your high res footage and back it up. Still photography submissions are welcome!

Filming Tips: * If you have a tripod, please use it. It will steady your shots and allow you to better control the movement of your camera. If you don't have a tripod, please find a way to keep your camera steady. * Please hold your shots for at least 12 seconds, meaning: if you are shooting something, (when possible) stay on it and don't move your camera for 12 seconds -- this will help us in the edit. * Check your white balance and exposure prior to filming to get proper color and balance on your footage. * If you can, appropriately adjust the sound levels on your camera. * Label your tapes or cards and keep a written log of your shots on 10/10/10.

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