Cost of Closing the Poverty Gap

Posted August 6, 2012 from United States

I would like to recommend reading a newly released report by the Overseas Development Institute - Horizon 2025.

It's not an easy read, but it projects, "by 2025, the locus of global poverty will overwhelmingly be in fragile, mainly low-income and African, states, contrary to current policy preoccupations with the transitory phenomenon of poverty concentration in middle-income countries".

So what can be done about it to promote an expanding middle, helping the bottom billion to escape from poverty? Of course, the world (its governments and leaders) needs to expand access to the internet, along with opportunities for learning how to harness the knowledge it contains.

This report breaks ground by spotlighting 'disruptors' to how current aid programs have failed to achieve the effectiveness reaching the most vulnerable, and it is critical to 'force a change in strategy or alliances' from how aid has been provided up to now.

I would be interested to field the opinions of others after they have reviewed this report.

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