Hi, It is a Good-God morning! This Word is so for ME! AND....if you keep it REAL, it could be for you. This Word had to be RECORDED so those who listen will hear God. It's up to you. Keeping Him REAL AND praying on this side for REAL. Please FORWARD, Thanks. CLICK HERE: http://www.spreaker.com/user/abodybuilders/our-one-selah-word-for-week_1

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Tuesday, March 18th- 1:00pm[central]

PART[I]-Recognizing the Boa Constrictor Among Church-based Leadership

Tuesday, March 25th- 1:00pm[central]

[PART-2] Boa Constrictor- Recovering & Reforming "Elijah to Elisha" Apostolic Leadership

Dr. Sandy Murphy