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My Name is Madian Vigo I am the Founder and President of this religious organization, Woman in Prayer Ministries Inc. Founded May 8,2010.God has given me the oppurtunity to work with other women who has and are in the same situation as I was. it really rare that a Domestic Violence Program is being established at a christian church. we go to local churches and we give orientations and conferences. their is alot of need inside.. but many women are to scared to speak out. I love what i do. my vision is to open shelters in africa,honduras,guatemala,their is alot of need and fight for those in who are in silence.......

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What a wonderful ministry! You are absolutely right to go churches where women are instructed to stay in abusive relationships because our God does not like divorces. As women who have experienced domestic violence you know and you can speak about it. How to empower women? You certainly know the right way to do it. Congratulations.

Kadidia Doumbia

Hi my name is Madian very pleased to meet thank you very much, I really appreciate.yes I love what God has put in my hands,being able to help those who are in pain and suffering.yes GOD has taught me the right way to be able to speak for those women and of course men who are in silence. God has given me the wisdom to speak correctly and of course not only to women but we also give conferences for couples. thats what makes it more intresting we are not here to divide but everything ontime has a solution..... I aslo work in an office as a Domestic Violence specialist... do not have the training but I have the experience..Hope to hear from you soon. Than you so much.

Dear Madian,

I am thrilled to know that you are a GAD powerhouse and a spiritual sister as well. I shall pray that God will sustain your ministry so that more abused women could find hope through faith in Christ Jesus.

God speed!

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

God Bless You. and thank you very much for your prayers, very glad to here that we are all fighting for the same cause. I believe that God will do something for alot of women/children who need our help.its very sad that many people are not well educated,but threw our Lord JesusChrist every thing is possible. Madian Vigo

hello median, i thank God for you and the great work you are doing, actually women in the church are really suffering in silence and some wish they could reverse the clock and get out of abusive marriages. i run an NGO young african women initiatives we do reach to abused women in the society and we have not been able to reach to the ones in the churches due to the submissive issues taught in the churches. i would like to connect with you once you establish a network in Kenya Africa. keep up the good work fidelis


God Bless You,I am really happy to hear from you and that we are all in the same spirit. yes alot of women suffer in silence. to scared to speak for them self,because they are being educated the wrong way. i have given conferences and retreats for women its really sad when they have their time alone to be able to speak and say how they feel and the way they are being treated.theirs is alot to do. I was in abusive situation and its really hard to hear people say,if she stays its beacuase she likes being abused.ERROR alot of people and leaders are in. yes africa is a place were God has put my heart,never been their only in two dreams where i have seen my self with my son.helping women/children God works in misterious ways. yes I would connect in the network as soon as possible im new this website I will try to connect.thank you so much.Madian Vigo

thanks sister, its my prayer that God will full fill the desires of your heart. i believe you have a lot to offer and you can be an encouragement to many who have feared to move they are at a state of abuse women apathy. you are so much welcome and you can also visit our www.yawi.org and get to know what YAWI does. fidelis


God Bless You,its in my prayer that God supply all your needs and that he gives you the strength to keep working for all those women who really are in need. its very tragic the things that are happening around the country .I know that we are doing each something special to change a womens life. how do I do to establish a network to kenya africa? hope to hear from you soon.

Madian Vigo