Enough is Enough

woman of prayer
Posted January 10, 2013 from United States

Its very hard living in a world full of violence,but is up you and me that we stop this plaque from attacking our familys. how we do this ? speaking not staying in silence,its time that the goverment put more intrest in this matter,when we talk about abuse I am talking about rape also is been very sad the storys I have been reading around the world.its very heart breaking.Abuse is something that I would not want to go threw again anymore when is emotional /sicological abuse, its very scary. we have to educate the church, that this wrong we must not permit abuse anywhere. we have rights to say enough is enough i will fight for those in silence.

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  • mrbeckbeck
    Jan 23, 2013
    Jan 23, 2013

    I hear you sister, these problems have gone on too long. It's time to break silence and to teach children the values of respect, non-violence and partnership. I'm glad you are here speaking up for those suffering in silence.

    Best wishes,

  • fidelity
    Mar 11, 2013
    Mar 11, 2013

    Abuse is wrong it is dehumanizing, painful and leads to low self esteem. it must be stopped at all cost. one way of stopping domestic abuse is empowering the women economically. they will be able to earn a living, contribute to house income, create a social network where they can air their issues, seek help and speak out for the world to hear. when women have no income and the men are overburden there is always a reaction to demands made. when a woman is battered by a spouse she will always keep quet simply because she must depend on the man to provide for her and her children and of course in the church the good "christian teachings" must be upheld so the woman must remain silent. it is time we change and speak about this. first of all give the women the power to control her life and the voice will come out automatically. \

    regards fidelis 2010yawip@gmail.com

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