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Posted August 7, 2014 from Nigeria

I LOVE THE WEB: THE GENESIS Since 2003 when I got to know about the internet in Nigeria, I’ve come to see it as an eye of the world and as an amplified microphone to speak and be heard. In that 2003, I thought myself how to use the internet. I usually go to a cyber café a little far from where I was living then, pay for the period of time to browse and use their system to practice.

The cyber café which was the only one in the main town of my city, was and still a dangerous place for a woman because it’s a den of cyber thieves where “yahoo boys” (that is Nigerian Cyber Thieves) go to browse, so the site of a lady creates suspicion and sexual harassment but because of the way I walk and carry myself like a tomboy with so much confidence they end up thinking I’m one of them. When I say I love the web I do mean it. The internet has hooked me up to interesting people, people who help have a focus, discover my hobby and using I’m using the internet to help many others in different ways. From the inspiration I got, I came to realize that as much as every business needs a physical or geographical office space so should they also have an office space or unique face of the business online so I started a business of designing websites and blogs like ukwuomanomso.blogspot.com.

As for learning something, in 2008 – 2009 during my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) in Jos, Plateau state in Nigeria, I found an Information Technology (IT) Institute offering cheaper tutorials and have authorized Test Centre (Pearson) for IT certifications. I located the IT institute in Jos, enrolled for an Oracle Database Administration training and in that same year I emerged as the only lady in that institute that wrote the international exams (SQL, OCA and OCP) making a 100 per cent result in OCP and got certified in Oracle 10g Database Administration.

In conclusion, as for the internet, it has really empowered me. My goals and visions are to help produce girls and women in CISCO networking, Oracle, Mobile Application builders, Web Designers and Developers, and so many IT areas which can also empower them to be self employed, entrepreneurs, and employers of labour. I intend to achieve these by establishing IT Institute where girls and women will be trained for free. Information Technology is one of the untapped areas for us women to flex our feminine muscles and make our marks. Therefore I say, YES I have been greatly empowered through the internet, though not to the level of fully achieving my goals and visions but I can and I will.

WWW: Women Weave the Web

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  • Kaity Van Riper
    Aug 27, 2014
    Aug 27, 2014

    Thank you for all you do and risk everyday. What a shining example you are of a strong, empowered woman. May you continue to affect those around you.