About Me: I'm Marayah Fyneah, national President and founder of the Coalition of Political Parties Women in Liberia, founded in May of 2003. This coalition consists of women from all registered political parties, working together for the increased participation, inclusion and involvement of women in decision-making at all levels; through training workshops, advocacy, community outreach, and the media.

My Passions: to ensure that women participate in elections not only as voters, but as candidates also

My Challenges: limited skills, little or no access to information, weak networks, inadequate human and financial resources, unfriendly media,

My Vision for the Future: that women, regardless of who and where you are, be a part of decision-making that affect your live and community by 2024

My Areas of Expertise: human rights with emphasis on women's rights

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Hello Ma'am, This is Prasashya Choudhury from India. I am a student doing my bachelors in Liberal Studies. I am in my final year and in the last year we have to prepare dissertations and one of my topic is property rights of women. So i was hoping if you can provide me with some informations or some life experiences then it will be really helpful.

I will be looking forward for your response.

Regards, Prasashya

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