The Brave Iranian Woman

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Posted August 2, 2010 from Iran
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Remember this face. She is the one who showed Ahmadinejad how much she hates him. She works in a factory in Ghazvin province and is responsible for checking ceramic products and marking the damaged ones. When Ahmadinejad got close to her and said hello, she didn't turn to or acknowledge him.

When he asked her, "What's your job?" Without looking at him, she took one of the ceramics and showed him to say, "look this is my job and see for yourself," and she continued her work.

It was a clear and great insult to the man who, by Iranian culture, believe he has been cheated. He understood she did it on purpose and he left there angrily.

عکس : شير زن ايراني اين چهره را به خاطر بسپاريد اين چهره خانمي است که در کارخانه اپادانا سرام قزوين وظيفه اش چک کردن کاشي ها و علامت زدن کاشي هاي خراب است و وقتي احمدي نژاد به نزديکي او رسيد بدون اينکه حتي برگردد وقتي احمدي نژاد سلام کرد حتي جواب سلام او را نداد و وقتي محمود پرسد دختر خانوم کار شما چيست؟ بدون اينکه حتي برگردد يکي از کاشي هاي علامت زده شده را بالا گرفت : (يعني اينکه خودت ببين)! و بعد به کارش ادامه داد..باورتان نمي شود حرکت به قدري توهين آميز بود که احمدي نژاد فهميد دخترک به عمد اين کار را کرده کاش بوديد و مي ديديد که چقدر بهش برخورد و با عصبانيت آنجا را ترک کرد

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  • Carri Pence
    Aug 03, 2010
    Aug 03, 2010

    What a brave and honorable women. Her courage was not that of turning around to Ahmadinejad but rather it was of her showing that she is not going to see her country fall in ruins due to the corrupt government. Though her actions were silent her emotions were loud and bold. With grace she showed what most of us are too afraid to, she showed that she is strong and that she has ideals and values that no one can take away, not even Ahmadinejad.

    Thanks so much for this entry, Carri Pence