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Friday June 19, a large group of mourners gathered at the Ghoba mosque in Tehran to await a speech about the martyrs of the post-election protests by presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi. According to one Iranian blog, 28-year-old Taraneh Mousavi was one of a group of people that was arrested by plainclothes security.

Taraneh, whose name in Persian means "song", disappeared into arrest and finally left a song of death and life. Song of her death and expressing seeking human rights is alive despite different kind of pressure.

Weeks later, according to the blog, her mother received an anonymous call saying that her daughter has been treated in Imam Khomeini Hospital in the city of Karaj, close to Tehran -- hospitalized for "rupturing of her womb and anus in... an unfortunate accident".

Taraneh's family went to the hospital to find her but they were told she was not there.

According to another Iranian blog which claims to have original information about Taraneh from her family, Iranian security forces threatened Taraneh's family after the hospital visit not to publicize Taraneh's story and not to associate her disappearance with arrests. They claim instead that she had tried to harm herself because of feeling guilty for having pre-marital sex.

Witnesses have come forward to the various Internet sites who are covering Taraneh's story, stating that she was abused in Tehran's Evin prison and also that a person who matches her physical description and injuries had been treated at the Imam Khomeini Hospital, was unconscious when witnessed and was later transferred out of the hospital while still unconscious.

Her family, based on her friends words, has refused to see any one or give information on her memorial service.