Neda: the Voice of the Iranian People

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Posted July 29, 2009 from Iran
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On July 25, a Global Day of Action for Iran was organzied in Paris and a hundred other cities around the world. Neda (meaning "voice" in Farsi/Persian) has become the symbol of the Iranian people's struggle for freedom. This young woman, in her late twenties, lost her life, being shot dead during a demonstration in Iran. Her last moments of life were captured with a cell phone and sent to the world through the Internet and youtube.

Willing to pay tribute to this movement and all the victims of the repressions perpetrated by Iran's Islamic government, Reza distributed 500 masks made with the portrait of Neda, amongst the demonstrators and gathered them for a photo in front the Eiffel Tower in an attempt to send a clear message: "We are one voice, we are all Neda".

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  • jodelight
    Jul 29, 2009
    Jul 29, 2009

    I am with you sisters, supporting and raising awareness! I am raising my voice- Neda- and giving a "shout out" to my sisters who are raising their voices.