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Posted August 4, 2009 from Iran
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Monday Aug 3rd, after Ahmadinejad presidential order was officially confirmed and handed to him by supreme leader, people in the afternoon went to the streets and shouted their views. There was so many armed, special forces and Basijies, but people in different streets mainly ValiAsr St through Vanak Sq. to ValiAsr and Fatemi Sq, to gather in small groups and showed their anger.

Many have been arrested and injured. no confirmed news on the number.

The presidential order ceremony was held without many famous characters such as Hashemi Rafsanjani, Khatami, Hasan Khomeini, grand child of Ayatollah khomeini. They showed their protests to the fraud election with leaving the city and country, some of them.

It was held 2 days after a TV show on a so called court of the arrested activists and famous people of reformist wing on saturday aug1st..they showed the confession of 2 people, Mr Abtahi,a clergyman and AtrianFar, a media activist.

People agree they were under pressure to confess they planned all these protests. This fake confession held by sever pressure of regiem made people angry and the night it went on the air, people went to the roofs and shouted Allahoakbar (god is great), down with dictator ,...more and louder than other nights.

On wednesday Ahmadinejad goes to the parliament for oath ceremony and people decided to go to the sq in front of the parliament to show their protest, in the morning while he goes there and is in the parliament.

Following are pictures of monday protest. picture by Farhad Rajabali, gooyanews.

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  • Maria Cuellar
    Aug 07, 2009
    Aug 07, 2009

    This looks scary. It is great to see people speak out their minds about political issues, but it is also difficult to see when the armed forces attack them for it. Hopefully the word will get out and not many people will have gotten hurt.

    Thanks for the news, Maria

  • LauraB
    Aug 07, 2009
    Aug 07, 2009

    Keeping the world informed about the inside happenings in Iran keeps us aware and alert. I wonder how it felt for you and what are the people on the ground thinking, feeling these days? Is there hope, anger, frustration, fear?

    Great post!