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Posted August 6, 2009 from Iran

The house of journalists, The Association of Iranian Journalists, the only place Iranian journalists had to defend their rights, last night at 9pm has been closed and sealed by the order of attorney general of Tehran, said Mortazavi.

Last night, 5 armed person went to AIj place and one colleague was there, only, in Building corporation dept. They showed him an official letter and filmed of everything, books, docs and then sealed all doors in each floor. They said they have no obligation to inform any one in advance and as they saw the lights, they informed him only because they didn’t want him to be locked in. This is important that they went there at the time no one was there and in absence of GS and head, they sealed the Aij.

Today, it was supposed to held the 2nd round of AIJ annual general assembly, today. Journalist even those who heard the news came there. Most of journalists signed the door to show they were there to defend their rights.

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  • Maria Cuellar
    Aug 07, 2009
    Aug 07, 2009

    Wow, it's great to see that journalists are fighting so much for their rights. I hope that they don't get scared by the military, and that they can keep writing wonderful stories. Maria

  • LauraB
    Aug 07, 2009
    Aug 07, 2009

    A strong and committed group of journalists risking a great deal to get the truth out throughout Iran and the globe.