Protests in Tehran's Aryashahr Square

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Posted February 11, 2010 from Iran

there has been confilicts in vanak sq, vesal st., Aryashahr (Tehran).

the tv was obliged to broadcast the Ahmadinejad's speech with delay because of motos "down wi t h D i C T A t o r " and...

[Two leaders of the so-called Green Movement - Mohammad] Khatami, and Mehdi Karroubi - was attacked and karoubi also and one of his sons was arrested. ex president's khatami's brother and his wife who's the grand child of Imam khomeini were arrested and released

I'm getting mad of what's going on.

they accused one of our friends to have relations with R a d i o F a r d a ,.it's funny.all of us have friends there. many of our colleagues left country and went there to work and live and they'r in our friend lists in F a c e B o o k and we chat some times,talk..

seems they're gonna a r r e s t remaining journalist because of having colleagues there in R F.

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