Hamid Reza Asgar, interrogator in Evin prison

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Posted February 22, 2010 from Iran
www.rahesabz.net (1/1)

The following link is about a man, second person in the pic behind Mr.Soltanie is an interrogator in Evin prison. His real name is Hamid Reza Asgar and as the law advisor of ministry of foreign affairs and also the atomic agancy participates in meetings and talks.

He works in ministry of inteligence with the fake name Mahdavi and recently as the advisor of Majid Alavi helps in questioning people most of the time the famouse reformits figure.

Based on the website he's so violant,doesn't let prisonors go to bath,and so violant in beating.even women haven't been saved of his behavior......... http://www.rahesabz.net/story/10774/

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