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Talking about that that the Mexican government calls “The war against narcotraffic” … i have been thinking that its a very dangerous language… after all, the drug traffickers are also Mexican, isnt!? What are they doing with?! Starting a civil war!?

They are inviting us to start a fight: the “good ones” against “the bad people”

I don’t want to be misunderstood: as a Mexican citizen I am absolutely worried about this violence around us.

But I am also worried about the absence of good questions about “what exactly it is happening to our society”.

It is true: the argument that says that poverty it is the only explanation behind drug trafficking, it is maybe so simplistic… however, we can’t deny that there is something real in that affirmation.

But there are something else … it must be something else to explain the actual situation in Mexico… and that explanation is the one that I am missing in the press news… I miss good questions about this worrying issue, questions like:

Who are the thousands and thousands of little drug traffickers that are working for “the big bosses”!? Why they do accept the risk, it is only money that are they looking for!? How starts the recruitment?! How old they are!? Why are they so (but so) violent?! What is behind the violence!? Is now the Mexican government doing something else to make this kind of research in a deeply way, to have a good profile of them!?

Maybe, if we start to try to understand what kind of motivations are behind this kind of behavior we could start to understand what is happening as society, not only talking about the illegal drug trafficking, but in general… maybe we need to go forward and search not only in present, but in our past, to try to explain, when, how, why we started this “point of no return” of violence.

I am not trying to justify anyone… I just would love to understand what happen in somebody to accept the violence as a way of life… if we (some day) understand this “special moment”, this reality behind the simple violence, maybe we could start to make some steps toward the real solution… the solution “inside” people and not only “outside, fighting with guns and making grow up the violence among Mexican people” …

Because … as I said before… at the end of the day: we are all living in the same country… bad or good, we are all Mexicans… that’s why we have (we most) start then to make us good questions, and we have to stop to believe that we have all the answers that the government are giving us

Here I am attaching a long essay that I wrote about the Mexican violence. This document was made 3 years ago, however, yet its sadly actual, and even it is "innocent" in the conclusions, because things are going even worse now that before, in the time when I wrote it.


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I share your frustration with how such pervasive problems get so simplified by politics and the media! What is in fact an epidemic issue has been pared down to an "us and them" problem, something "inevitable." Looking at the motives, the behaviors, the histories and the PEOPLE themselves is the only way to truly understand and solve any problem. This drug war clearly has roots that spread far and wide - beyond Mexico's borders - and it falls upon all of us, as global citizens, to question how such crises are allowed to escalate to such heights, and to persist in our investigations until a solution is found.

Thank you for voicing these provocative questions, and for encouraging others to take on their own inquiries! This is what citizen journalism is all about, and you are certainly a pioneering voice in the field!

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