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I think that I’ve already told you before that since I started the Project of Peace Correspondent, i really started to see the world in a very different way.

Sometimes actually I feel a little guilty among my colleagues, because they use to see only the big troubles, the big difficulties, the political corruption and all kind of disasters and crisis.

Well, I have to accept that all those things really exist in our world… ¿how would I deny them? not only that, actually I am working in “this peaceful side” because I am completely conscious of the necessity of a real change

But the point here is that I have decided to see “the changes” that already exist among us … I have decided to search not for all the troubles, but for all solutions… and little by little, my view has changed as well, and I started to have an encouraging and hopeful look. That’s why maybe now I use to see “a different” world to which that my workmates are seeing.

Today I wanted to share to you a huge miracle that happened to me few days ago:

By reading Pulse Wire news, I found the story of Theary Seng, a wonderful woman working for peace in Cambodia. I was really touched for her story, and I decided that I wanted to publish that text in Peace Correspondent website.

I started to ask to some our mentors in Pulse Wire for her contact, I answered her in her post, I searched for her e-mail and time was passing without answers. One night, late here in Mexico (4am or something like that) I decided to write to the general mail of Theary’s office, asking for her permission to publish her text. Immediately I received an automatic answer saying that they were on holydays, and also that Theary was out of office for 2 or 3 weeks.

I felt sad at the beginning, but latter I decided to call to a cell phone that it was in that e-mail. It was the cell phone of the Theary’s secretary and I just call her.

When I say: Hi, I am calling you from Mexico, she was completely in shock. Mexico and Cambodia seems to be very separated, isn’t?! There is a big, a huge distance among those countries. But maybe thanks to that shock, this kind girl gave me the cell phone of Theary herself… I could not believe it. So I took the opportunity and in that moment I called Theary.

It was just fantastic. The connection was indescribable! She was also completely surprised of my call, of my country, and of my proposal to translate her text to Spanish. She gave me an enthusiastic YES.

When I hanged on, I felt happy … very happy and worried. I have found Theary, she accepted my proposal, and that was wonderful … but … I started to think: this is a poetical and very personal text, and for sure, I am not a professional translator… what am I going to do now?! I went to bed with these mixed feelings in my head and my heart, but I decided to put the “problem” in universe hands…

Incredible. Believe it or not, the next morning, when I turned on my computer, I found an e-mail of my former boss in CNN giving me the details of a “volunteer translator”. I wrote her immediately and she accepted to do things for Peace Correspondent for free.

Yesterday I published the text of Theary Seng in our website. I only added a final context that I wrote just to amplify the information about the “Killing fields” of Cambodia to those that do not know anything (or not enough) about it.

What I am trying to say by telling you this crazy and wonderful story?! I find some “messages” that are helping me to keep walking in this road that I choose:

1) Follow the things that you believe on, even if you do not get it immediately or in a easy way

2) Work always in the right direction, but not only in “one way”, search, talk, try, and if you give up, make sure that you are only doing “for a while”, to take some air

3) Do not believe in distance (nor physical one, but any kind of distances: language, religion, color… any kind, it is only our illusion, you will see if you dare to pass over it)

4) Believe in miracles and in the power of this fantastic universe. Ask and pray, working hard in the meanwhile.

5) Talk about your necessities not only with the universe, but with all the people who can help you… you never know who, when and how you will receive “a hand” to do your work and make your dreams come truth

The truth is that I still learning while I am working. Sometimes I am afraid, sometimes I am not so sure about the next step, and sometimes I feel alone, tired, desperate or I use to ask myself: am I walking the right road?

I am sure that, just like me, those kind of internal questions are assaulting you often… that is why I decided to share this “little big” story with all of you.

Just to tell you: believe in your steps, believe in your hearts, in your decisions… give you the chance to feel bad sometimes, it is human … but latter, took some new air and still walking to your goals. If you really believe on them, then you will get something good in the most unexpected moment, in some way that you only could qualify the moment as “magic”.

Finally, here you will find the Spanish translation of Theary’s story.

(At the end, below of Theary’s video, you will find the link to the original text)

Love and grateful. Xthina “ )

PD. I posted this article in the Correspondents group, but I wanted to share it with others fellows, hope you enjoy it ... me, at least, I love miracles, dont you?! (sorry for those that are reading this for second time :-(

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Oh wow! i really enjoy reading your story. Two women from two different backgrounds, in two countries separated by the ocean but are connected by one vision "Peace". Just to quickly add, it is very important to see the world and life generally in an optimistic way, lets all see the glass as half full rather than half empty, only then can we focus on those things that really matter and try to make a change.