I have never been a believer that children are simply animals, Guided for their unique lifetimes by generational pull. Their father believed that children, like hyenas, simply grow up, Without unique possibilities, drinking from the Sacred cup.

The need of so many to bond against one another Is the curse of being seen as a powerless mother. My husband's family taught my children to scorn me; I will never, from this grief, be completely free.

I now have my own power, but my children resent All the time, in avoidance of their father, that I spent. They are now afraid of what I have come to embrace As earth mother, to many mothers of every race.

The only gift I ever asked for from my daughter and her brother Is that they appreciate the history they share with each other. It may not be, in my lifetime, that they learn to comprehend The decisions on which our destinies came to depend.

I was taught that all humans had a special light in them, That must be nurtured and guided by their fellow humans. It seems my Sacred bond with my children has now ceased. Was I mistaken in upholding this, my childhood belief?

I will go on encouraging all humans to use their voices In helping others make responsible, compassionate choices. I will channel the pain from that which I put my family through; This is part of the strength from which I know their families grew.