All religions exist to control the behaviors of their chosen ones who will at least pretend to follow the prescribed rules. All obviously outside the boundaries of the religious broods are fair game for any atrocities, especially those committed by those accepted as greatly gifted with divine rights to make and break the rules at will by the eternal energies (gods).

Chivalry was in vogue when Christianity was strongest; it became the law of the land, but only for the commoner. The elite have been allowed to continue hiding their evil behind their powers to persuade by mandating fear of divine retribution over which they pretended control. The masses continued to follow the fear mongers and those who said they could exorcise evil, even though all evidence said otherwise. They continued to create tighter and tighter circles of favor with more stringent rules for continued inclusion. Religious leaders became puppet masters of the poor and pitiful. By preaching and participating in making childbearing for their own purposes a sacrifice to the almighty, the elite continued to create slaves in the guise of spirituality.

Men as well as women sought to enter into this sacred society by women creating life on one hand and the males destroying life on the other. Poor men were not held accountable because they were considered, for the most part, expendable, as are bulls and roosters. The elite have always found ways to marry religion to the ruling parties, so they had rules that prioritized loyalty to the creeds and silence about the elite's misdeeds.

We now live in a world of power over our own bodies and ways to prove guilt of even the most elite in our societies. Conception control programs can thwart rape programs that seek to weaken women by forcing them to bear the physical burdens of babies. DNA can prove paternity, forcing the most reluctant father to support his progeny. Community property laws secure the financial futures of women with defined parenting partners, who give up their own earning power to protect and guide their children. We must advocate for these "best practices" of societies, no matter where these rules are made or enforced. This is the only way to protect the protectors of the children.

It is considered old fashioned in today's feminized world to suggest that men are bred to be heroes in worlds touched by religious rules. The greatest heroes in our world should be the men who protect and provide for the children, even when their wives are no longer able to be full partners and playmates to them. These men have self-restraint and know how to channel their energies, sexual and otherwise, into eternally empathetic endeavors.

We must let our religious and other leaders know that we will make wise decisions about how to create a more just and peaceful world. We must stop obeying our animal or our religious imperatives to bring children into broken lives and a war-torn world. We must enable both women and men to protect their sacred seed, only producing children when they have the resources to protect and provide for them.

People of good character protect and provide for the vulnerable. Partnering in these efforts has less to do with our own gene pool procreation than it has to do with creating a world that protects and provides for all the vulnerable on earth. Openly challenging authority is often counterproductive, but there are many ways to subvert that are bloodlessly heroic.

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