Willingness to Invest In Others

Yvette Warren
Posted October 4, 2013 from United States

I have received several requests to become facebook friends with people seeking funding for their organizations. My response usually comes in the form of a series of questions. I want details about the organization, including their mission statement, strategic plan, and financial records.

I see every organization as I see any business. Without a clear and concise vision, the organization cannot succeed. In both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, I see too many fail because they had a dream without a well-conceived, achievable mission or a well-structured plan. The biggest reason for business failure is under-funding, which is often caused by poor planning.

I don't give to "charity;" or good ideas. I invest in people and purposes that understand, as an investor, I have a right and responsibility to have direct input into what my investment is producing. This goes for my family and friends, as well as other community members. I feel very strongly that the ease of obtaining charitable funding from people who demand no input or accountability is creating a class of permanent victims, rather than empowering people to provide for themselves and their families and communities.

I am a proponent of the rights of children to be wanted by people who have the ability to care for themselves and for parts of their greater communities. I am tired of being emotionally manipulated by people who provide for themselves by giving birth to babies. Any organization that wants my assistance in providing for women must prove to me that they have a program implementing stringent conception control methods for their clients. I believe this is the only way to get to the root of the poverty problem.

I used micro-funding to support my two children. It is my fervent wish to invest in funding for micro-businesses that empower women. I am not willing for this to be a gift to borrowers, or managed by an organization that makes its living off of fees to provide and administer this funding.

I see this approach as a function of discernment. I believe it is important that we all balance what our emotions long for with what our brains say is possible. I believe this is the only way to move forward as civilized humans, rather than as frightened "tribes."

If anyone has information leading to an investment organization like that which I referenced, please let me know. I will then consider financially investing in some WorldPulse endeavors.

Blessings to all of you. Yvette

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