Homo Sapiens and Full Humanity

Yvette Warren
Posted March 30, 2014 from United States

When we stay quiet in the face of abuse, We are accomplices to the criminals. The psychology set has renamed This crime, as behavior, they enable.

When will we stop allowing the smart, And the wealthy over-educated To excuse their own evil actions, And those of children they created?

Unless one is born with a damaged brain, Or has suffered frontal lobe damage, There are no humans who have No ability to act as more than savage.

Even brain damaged children can be taught; Most are still brighter than one's pets, Because they can mimic the examples Of one's human parental partnerships.

Society must stop excusing feral behavior From animals that choose no self control We have diminished the dignity of humanity Pretending no choice against evil actions' pull.

Do we want a society where humans continue To lock ourselves into ever smaller cages? Drugs, alcohol, and greed are not diseases; They are choices that a human freely engages.

We must stop running from evil actions; We must take humanity back from psychology. Religions have hidden behind sin for too long; We must stop accepting their apologies.

We now have a society that pampers their pets, While ignoring desperate human pain. This is the wage that has been sown by those Promoting that responsibility has no gain.

I applaud humans who bear no children; They have heard the modern-day prophecies. Homo sapiens, instead of blessing the earth, Have become the earth's most fatal disease.

Rise up, all of you who believe in creating earth As it is in heaven. We must stop waiting. Fear of the future only paralyses humanity. Earth is, in responsible compassion, for the taking.

The greatest scientists can no longer, all knowledge, pretend; Princes, priests and prophets have become mystified. Collaborative community across the universe is the answer. That no one tribe can control the gods cannot be denied.

It is easy to continue looking back to lesser ancestors, But humans have long-known that we are sacred vessels. Eventually, all who accept this sacred position in life Will live the story that Pentecostal wisdom tells.

Religions, their prophets and priests, have no control; Full humanity is available to all those who choose it. Humanity continues to choose our lesser animal instincts; Un-exercised, our humanity, is in danger that we'll lose it.

Only responsible compassion defines us as human; Protecting our tribal members is an animal instinct. We must hold each other accountable for our actions, No matter what our tribal members may do and think.

This is the way that humans have moved above instinct. Free will to choose our own individual behaviors Is the evidence of evolution in homo sapiens. Humans are the only animals that can be earth's saviors.

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