As the practice of arranged marriage remains common in India, many say that young people should be able to decide for themselves whom they marry. But parents say that arranged marriages are more reliable than love marriages and that they can find better matches for their children than the children can find for themselves. For some, going against family wishes has grave consequences. Honor killing when it comes to marriage is still common . The government of India has outlawed honor killing, but it does not have any laws against either arranged marriages or intercaste marriages. Meanwhile, nongovernmental organizations, NGOs, are advocating against honor killing and for intercaste and love marriages.

Read about Aastha(Not her real name) , 39, A project manager for an information technology company in Mumbai whose father no longer speaks to her because she married a man from a different caste

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I understand the issue.

There have been arranged marriages that have worked.

Who knows what is right for you... only you!

It has been interesting for me to talk to those that believe in arranged marriages, and those that do not.

To each his own, I guess!

love, joya

Hi Joyeax,

I pretty much agree with you. Arranged or not. Problem is when we have girls forced dout if school to get married or when your family or community rejects you because you have married someone they dont approve of. That was the context of the article.

Thanks for reading,


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Challenging cultural beliefs is not an easy task but we can only contribute to promoting equality for all if individuals take risk to disassociate with discriminatory practices based on unjustifiable beliefs. Thanks for the post.


I couldn't have said it better - disassociate with discriminatory practices based on unjustifiable beliefs!!!

A candle looses nothing my lighting another