Isn't it sad when your home can not be a safe haven? Many women face trauma and excruciating events in their homes because of the interference of in-laws. In one guise or another they seek to control your home, how you live your life, how you raise your children... Sometimes they even seek to control your marital relations.

The sad thing is it is mostly women within the family who play an active part in humiliating younger or less experienced females within the family. Who insists on the mutilation of the female genitals? Other women. Who help in celebrating the marriage of pre-pubescent girls? Who maintains the tradition of wives as serfs to wait on the wider family?

It is time feminists begin to wage a battle with the enemy within...

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence.

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To often to I read entries about families placing to many obstacles in the way of the women gaining equality, compassion, ans support in the family. Sadly, I believe that it becomes traditional to place the women in society in this light, Thus, we need to place a revolution beginning on the grass routes level, reshaping how women are represented in their home. With support and hope for equality, Carri Pence

My dear sister....welcome to my have a good name for them which I really love to share ah aha ah enemy that...I will appreciate reading more.....Love

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The man has to stand firm and tell his family to either back off or chill out. Where the man encourages the interfering attitude of his family, the status quo shall remain the same.