There is so much to do in every new day that it sometimes can feel overwhelming to accomplish the many items on my 'to do' list. Not a complaint....just a statement of fact!

I am very enthusiastic and excited about one of my current projects. At the end of November I will be co-facilitating a workshop for two eighth-grade classes (13-14 yrs. old) in my community. The workshop is a streamlined version of the training I do as a facilitator for the national organization, Creating a Culture of Peace.

The adult program is a 20 hour intensive that provides a holistic and practical foundation in active nonviolence. This youth workshop will be a total of 6 hours, 2 consecutive days of morning workshops and we will explore with them the faces of violence, responses of nonviolence, stages of social change and tools for community building.

As Gandhi said, if we truly want peace in the world then we must begin with the children and the children of the world have been born into violence, chaos and disorder. I feel it is imperative to help them uncover their own wisdom and tools of capability that they need to become the change we all want to see.

So, many hours have been spent re-writing the structure so that it will be more appropriate for this age group and I am so excited about having this opportunity to give to my community's youth in such a positive way.

The adult workshop is the one I hope to be offering in Kashmir next spring. Kashmir Center for Peace and Reconciliation is planning their first youth conference and I will be one of the facilitators for this empowering training to help nurture practical skills in finding the personal strength and wisdom that are always present.

I am so very grateful for the opportunities that are provided me to be a part of creating a culture of peace.

Wish me luck!

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I do wish you luck and love on your journey! To impact young people is a most gracious honor indeed! I think that young people resilience is something that is amazing, it shines even as the cloud of fear that so many adults permeate seems to suffocate sometimes.

I commend you in your work. And going to Kashmir! My friend, that will be something that will be joy and learning to not only the people you work with, but to your own heart as well! I wish you so much luck, my friend. And I give you love and good vibes on your journey.

In sisterhood,