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Dear friends & all the beautiful souls here,

While working in Qatar, I got few opportunities to visit Afghanistan, Palestine & also I have closely witnessed the sufferings of well-educated women inside Arab world.

I was deeply moved witnessing the plight of women & their families in the interiors of Afghanistan. Few Arab women I am in close contacts shared with me the terrible stories of their marriage with so called rich well-known families from Oman to Egypt. I realised, if outsiders like me can convey our strong support to such women and if we are able to spread the message that we can stand by them at their beck & call - I am very confident these oppressed women/ families can live their remaining Life with pride & head high.

Just our little caring & interest is needed to hear the crying of distressed families. Our little sacrifice can bring a miraculous change in the lives of these women.

I am glad in associating with WorldPulse forum to voice my belonging to all the oppressed families out there.

With love & best wishes to the wonderful people here, Yogesh Pagar

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Hi, hope I have answered your rhetorical question? Thanks for being here and being passionate about the world around you...

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